Out with the Old: My Hopes & Dreams for ‘Called to be Fearless’

2018 has been stuffed full of changes, emotions, and self-discovery. I mean, there’s nothing more exciting than knowing I’m not the same person I was at the beginning of the year; I’ve seen the good, bad, and ugly this year and I am happy to say I’m on the other side of the bad and ugly for now. I have not exactly been a role model when it comes to simple living.

This is probably my third or fourth attempt at being a frugal minimalist, but what can I say, I was raised on shopping trips with my mom and grandma. I started this adventure a couple years ago when I moved into my third apartment and after I had dated minimalist traveler for a few months, and after surviving on everything I carried in my backpack for a week while I hiked through the mountains, I was intrigued by the idea of simple living.


The biggest struggle I have had was throwing away “stuff”. In my mind, minimalism wanted to take away all the things I love! Not true, though! The way I’ve been practicing simple living is by removing everything and everyone that doesn’t serve a purpose in my life anymore.

Old makeup, expired food, empty jars, jeans that don’t fit, gone. It was tough, and I felt regret for throwing away so many things, and very guilty for having wasted so much in the first place. But as months went by and my apartment became neater and more peaceful, I realized that I had been sacrificing more than shelf space, I was sacrificing my peace and freedom.

I started this blog with my heart in the right place. I want to inspire others to create a life that they love through simplicity. Then, as I started planning for the launch, I realized that it’s much more than simplicity. Peace, calm, clarity, creativity… what fuels these in my life? My faith, of course. My freedom to do things that make me happy and having the fearlessness to do what needs to be done. I realized that through simple living, I’m able to focus on my faith more, understand what I need to be happy, and make the changes I want to see.

Through my own trial and error, my own wins and losses, I hope to help others reach their full potential as I am reaching for mine! My biggest fear when starting this blog was knowing that I have tried before. I have tried to be successful at blogging but it just never happened. My love and passion for writing never lessens and I realized by giving up, I was failing. I wasn’t failing because I didn’t have enough page views or followers. I was failed because I let fear and self-doubt take over. Here I am, to stay, ready to learn, grow, and simply do what makes me incredibly happy! Come join me!

~ Shelby B.
Insta: Shelbycolada
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